Tetrapak Continuous Milk Pasteuriser

Tetra Therm Lacta 1
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Dairy Equipment

Product overview

2001 Tetrapak Continuous Milk pasteurizer 

This Tetra pasteuriser unit is designed for continuous processing and pasteurisation of market milk, yoghurt milk and ice-cream mix. 

Working principle

This unit is  equipped with semi- automatic controls. From the control panel, the operator initiates the required functions, such as starting the pumps and changing the set point on the temperature controller. The pasteurisation temperature and the position of the flow diversion valve are continuously recorded. 

When down-stream equipment is ready, the production can start.
Production starts by filling the unit with product via the balance tank. The product displaces the water/product mix to drain or reject tank.

The product is regeneratively pre-heated in a Tetra plate heat exchanger by the outgoing pasteurised product. To ensure even heat load on the product, final heating takes place in the PHE by means of an indirect hot water circuit. The product is held in a holding tube for the required period of time.

If the pasteurisation temperature gets too low, an automatic flow diversion valve, placed down-stream of the holding tube, diverts the product back to the balance tank.
After the holding tube, the product is cooled by the incoming product in the regeneratice section of the PHE. 

  • Tetrapak Continuous  skid mount pasteurizer, comprising of a M6M 4 section 140 plate heat exchanger, S/S 200 litre balance tank, holding tubes, Tetra S/S centrifugal pumps, all controlled by an AB electrical console.
  • Approx capacity on Milk is 10, and 6, on cream.
  • The unit has take off points for the Separator and Homogenizer. CIP cleaning program built into the controls.
  • This pasteurizer has a divert valve for any unpasteurised product that doesn't reach the correct temperature, the product is diverted back to the balance tank for re processing.
  • Complies with AS 3993 - 2003