Digester / Paddle Blender

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Plough Mixer

Product overview

Jacketed Digester or Paddle Blender.

Stainless steel bowl with mild steel end plates and mild steel shaft and blades.

Electric heating elements heat up an oil filled jacket.

10m3 bowl capacity

Internal width 2250mm

Internal Height 2390mm

Internal length 3800mm

Maximum overall width 2750mm

Transport height 3050mm, with lid ram tower mounts removed, without 3550mm

Transport length 7000mm

12 integrated heating elements 45Watt 415 volt

55kw motor 415Volt

Flender Gearbox 4288769 – 0084 – 1, B4KH 18, P2 143 +kW

Soft start and heater element controls

8 Mixing paddles 70mm Solid 4140 bar mounted with morse taper connection

Internal skin 10mm stainless steel, all other components mild or higher grade steel

Operating Capacity approximately 10m3

Main body insulated

Approximate transport weight with gearbox removed 23tonne

We will arrange loading onto a truck.

Located in Gatton QLD.