Bottle filler

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Filling Machinery

Product overview

Icon 5000-24-8 Bottle filler. Last used to fill water 500ml with 28mm cap. Ex Coca cola

 24 head Icon filler with 8 head Zalkin capper. Alan Bradley Panel view Plus 1000 

The 5000 Series delivers greater flexibility and accuracy in your hot and cold product filling.  The 5000 range is the “big brother” to the 3000 range with the capability of achieving higher speeds to increase productivity.

Designed and built with features to increase production efficiency.  Contact gravity filling system to suit free flowing products such as milk, water and juice.

Features include

  • Accurate filling of free flowing liquids
  • Gravity filling technologies for cold or hot fill applications
  • 2-to1 transfer ratio for smooth container handling
  • Can fill from 90ml to 5 litre plastic or glass bottles up to 450bpm
  • Integrated safety guarding