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Brewery Fermentation and Maturation plant

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Product overview

Fermentation Cellar #1 (FC1), comprising;

  •        8 x Beer Fermentation Tanks, 4500hl, conical base, steel, PU coated, jacketed (FV01-FV08)

Maturation Cellars #1 (MC1), comprising;

  •        7 x Beer Maturation Tanks, 4500hl, conical base, steel, PU coated (MV01-MV07)
  •        FOB Tank, stainless steel, dimpled, conical base, with control enclosure
  •        CO2 Tank, stainless steel, housed in mild steel framework, S/N: 2825 1 95
  •        Chem Master 5000L Poly Tank, with Bredel Centrifugal Pump, SPX40, 2.2kW, S/N: 26391

Maturation Cellar #1 (MC1 - Downstairs), comprising;

  •        Yeast & Maturation Manifold Comprising, Large quantity of Evoguard Pressure Valves, Burkert Control Heads, Actuators, Flowmeters, SPX/APV Motorised Pumps, Carlson Stainless Steel Vessel
  •        APV R52 Heat Exchanger, S/N: W964
  •        Green Beer Manifold, with associated Evoguard process valves, Burkert control heads, actuators & pressure transmitters
  •        Hop Nik (Dosing Station), stainless steel vessel, IKA Type UTL 1000/10 pump, APV Puma Series 5 pump, associated valves & transmitters

Maturation Cellars #2 (MC2), comprising;

  •        7 x Beer Maturation Tanks, 3300-3600hl, steel, PU coated (MV08 – MV13)
  •        Reclaimed Water Tank, 3600hl, steel, PU coated (DAW)
  •        Valve Station comprising; 25 assorted pressure valves with control heads, 2 x actuators, electric control enclosure
  •        3 x compressed air/gas manifolds, with process valves, control heads, actuators and pressure transmitters

Maturation Cellar #2 (MC2 - Filter Cellar Basement), comprising;

  •        Carbonator 1 & 2 (out of service)
  •        UV Filtration System
  •        Flow Plate (enigma flow plate)
  •        APV R50 Heat Exchanger, S/N: 1925
  •        2005 APV Heat Exchanger, QO55, S/N: 65265
  •        Autojet (1), Alfa Laval, stainless steel, motorised pumps, operator control station
  •        Autojet (2), stainless steel, motorised pumps, operator control station
  •        Auto Dosing Slurry System, comprising; 3 x stainless steel tanks, MIX SRL Mixer, motorised pumps, flowmeters

Bright Beer Cellars, comprising;

  •        North Cellar; 
  •        14 x APV Bright Beer Tanks, stainless steel, conical base
  •        BV07: 500hl
  •        BV08 – BV13: 1000hl
  •        BV14: 500hl
  •        BV15 – BV20: 2000hl
  •        South Cellar; 
  •        4 x APV Bright Beer Tanks, stainless steel, conical base
  •        BV1 – BV4: 2000hl
  •        BV5 – BV6: 1000hl
  •        3 x APV Stainless Steel Tanks (YB01, YB02, SY01) (YB02 + YB01 with agitators)
  •        APV Stainless Steel Tank (Water Flush) (DAL3)
  •        Assorted Valves, control heads, pumps, transmitters, beer transfer conductivity meter
  •        Water Deaeration Plant comprising; 2 x 2002 KHS Entgaser Kombination Tanks, KHS 18CF Heat Exchanger, S/N: 01151, 2014 SPX 0050 Heat Exchanger, S/N: 521003, assorted pumps, valves, actuator, flowmeters
  •        Hanovia UV Ultraviolet Water Treatment Unit, Pureline D0083, framed mounted tube assembly, electrical control enclosure with push pad controller, S/N: 121326
  •        Bright Beer CIP Plant comprising; 
  •        Water tank, stainless steel (TK09); 
  •        Caustic tank, stainless steel (TK10); 
  •        Acid tank, stainless steel (TK11); 
  •        Recovered water tank, stainless steel, jacketed (TK12); 
  •        Hot water tank, stainless steel, jacketed (TK07);
  •        Caustic tank, stainless steel, jacketed (TK08); 
  •        Recovered water tank, stainless steel, jacketed
  •        Bright Beer Gas Manifold, with 2 x stainless steel tanks, process valves, electric control enclosures
  •        Manifold Room comprising; large quantity of process valves, associated motorised pumps, flowmeters, stainless steel tank, electric control enclosures
  •        2009 APV Type: Q055 RKS Heat Exchanger, Flowserve Type: DKP1517/2M motorised pump, 26mm Impellor, associated valves, digital positioner, actuators, flowmeters, S/N: 2019

Fermentation Cellar #2 (FC2);

  •        CIP Plant comprising
  •        4 x Stainless Steel Jacketed Tanks (TK06, TK05, TK04, TK03)
  •        SPX Motorised Pump, Type: W+55/60
  •        SPX Motorised Pump, Type: W+35/55Evoguard process valves with control heads, flowmeters
  •        E+H Liquiline M CM42 ph/ORP transmitters
  •        4 x Stainless Steel Jacketed Tanks (TK29000, K300, TK02, TK01)
  •        2 x SPX W+55/60 Motorised Pumps; Evoguard process valves with Burkert control heads, flowmeters
  •        2 x 2013 Jacketed Shell & Tube, GEA, Type VTE 54-20 Heat Exchangers, Evoguard process valves with control heads, E+H Liquiline M CM42 ph/ORP transmitters, flowmeters, associated valves
  •        Bomag Altrac Radial Crane, Single Rail, MRC 125Kg, bearing trolley with Neuhaus Mini 125 pneumatic hoist, pendant controller
  •        Hop Dosing Station, comprising;
  •        Mixing Tank, stainless steel, jacketed, motorised mixer 
  •        SPX W+35/35 Motorised pump
  •        Associated valves, flowmeter, electrical control enclosures, access step and platform assembly

Fermentation Cellar #2 (FC2 - Upstairs)

  •        6 x Fermentation Tanks, 1500hl/ea, stainless steel, dimpled, conical base (FV09 - FV14)
  •        2 x 2018 Alfa Laval Type: LKI-25 motorised pump, 11Kw
  •        APV Series 5 Motorised Pump, 2.2Kw
  •        2009 APV Type: DW4/073/15 600 Motorised Pump
  •        2014 SPX W35/55 Motorised Pump, 11Kw
  •        Associated Evoguard process valves, Berkert control heads, flowmeters, manual valves, electrical control enclosures
  •        Gas Manifold comprising; 2 x 1987 Unsworth Engineering stainless steel pressure vessels, large quantity of assorted valves, actuator, control heads, 2 x electrical control enclosures
  •        Plant Room, comprising;
  •        GHE Radial Crane Hoist, MRC 100Kg
  •        Bearing Trolley with GIS chain hoist & pendant controller
  •        Yeast Propagation Plant, comprising;
  •        APV dimpled stainless steel tank, S/N: V082
  •        APV Series 5 motorised pump, 4Kw, E+H transmitter
  •        APV dimpled stainless steel tank, S/N: V081
  •        Associated valves, control heads, SPX W+35/55 motorised pump, access step assembly, electrical control enclosure
  •        Auto sampling station, stainless steel, 7 Tap with electrical control enclosure

Bulk Chemical Station

  •        Chemical Dosing Bund including; stainless steel control panel, 5 x assorted tanks, 2 x dosing pumps
  •        Caustic Blending System including; stainless steel enclosure, 4 x poly tanks, distribution manifold, 5 x dosing pumps, associated valves, transmitters, control heads
  •        2 x waste water tanks (TK09 Courtyard Tank), mild steel with 2 x motorised pumps