Plough Mixer

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Plough Mixer

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Stainless Steel 4500Litre Plough Mixer

The WBH Horizontal Single Shaft Batch Mixer is based on the principle of mechanical fluidisation of the product.
The particular shape, position and rotation speed of the mixing tools, creates a centrifugal vortex motion which allows the materials to be projected in a three-dimensional way and to merge with each other. This ensures that ingredients with different particle size and bulk density are perfectly blended and mixed with high precision within the shortest possible time.
WBH Batch-type Mixers are used for mixing dry powders, granules or short fibres, for moistening, agglomerating or granulating the same materials, or for mixing liquids or low viscosity pastes.

YOM 2007

Capacity 4500lt 

Fitted with a 90kw (415V) geared motor and 4 x 5.5kw motors(high shear cutters)

90kw Danfos VTL vari speed drive .