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Hydra Sieve

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Product overview

Ical Stainless steel Hydra Sieve.

915 mm (36 inch) x 750 mm Filter area.

Complete with a 1 mm screen (wave shape)

According to the manufacture "  it will process approx 100 M3 /hr flow rate Given flows are for a municipal effluent containing up to 200 mg/l of suspended solids.

The HydraSieve is a simple, highly efficient screen, designed for solid/liquid separation. 

Its operation is based on the Coandă effect. This means that the liquid to be screened forms a hydraulic attachment to the bars of the screen plate. These bars, with triangular section, have rounded angles and have a wave configuration, as opposed to being straight. Thus, the liquid passes through the slots while the separated solids stay on the front face of the screen plate. The screen plate has three distinct angles. This arrangement ensures:

  • Elimination of the majority of the liquid
  • Deceleration of the screenings
  • Drainage

The screen plate is supported by a frame which initially ensures quietness and even distribution of the effluent over the entire width of the unit and then accelerates the liquid down the screen plate. The filtered liquid is collected in the screen base. The screen plate and the frame form the HydraSieve screen.

Advantages from simple design and robust construction

  • No moving parts, no motor
  • Very low installation costs, no maintenance
  • Only requires periodic cleaning
  • Quiet operation
  • Wave shape of the bars provides the HydraSieve screen with its self-cleaning effect"