Ribbon Blender

Providing Australian Businesses with Quality Ribbon Blenders

Ensuring consistency of product is one of the most important things a manufacturer can do. Whether you’re working with wet or dry ingredients, you’ll find the FA Maker range of ribbon blenders to have something perfectly suited to your needs. Provided by previous owners and guaranteed to be in working condition, our range of second hand units provides an affordable way for businesses of all sizes and industry to access plant and equipment.

With capacities running into the tens of kilolitres, our catalogue includes units for even the largest manufacturers. Whether you’re mixing cereals, tea, cheese, meat or light powders, you’ll be well supported by a product from FA Maker.


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Digester / Paddle Blender

Stock Code: 21436
  • Litres: 10,000

Mild Steel Ribbon Blender

Stock Code: 21461
  • KW: 7.5
  • Litres: 700

Ribbon Blender

Stock Code: 21256
  • Size: 300
  • KW: 4
  • Litres: 300

St/Steel Powder Mixer

Stock Code: 21411
  • Size: 300
  • KW: 7.5
  • Litres: 300

500L Ribbon Blender

Stock Code: 07960
  • Size: 500

1000L Ribbon Blender

Stock Code: 06812
  • Size: 1000

MS Ribbon Blender

Stock Code: 19356
  • Size: 1500

2000L Ribbon Blender

Stock Code: 06645
  • Size: 2000

3000L Ribbon Blender

Stock Code: 07634
  • Size: 3000

SS Ribbon blender

Stock Code: 20236
  • Size: 3700
  • Construction: Stainless Steel