Bucket Elevators

Goods and Food Conveyers and Elevators for Australian Industry

Whatever industry you’re in, ensure that you’re working with tools that support your business goals. At FA Maker, we provide a range of conveyers and elevators to help you quickly, efficiently and hygienically move product around your facility. Suitable for a variety of industries and markets, these easy to sanitise, highly versatile models enable business-owners an easy way to transport products as diverse as ready-to-eat meals, wool and fertiliser quickly and smoothly.

Our bucket elevators are ideal for anyone moving large quantities of flowable bulk materials, such as grains, sands and flours, in and around their property. Meeting Australian safety standards and designed for use in a variety of facilities, this range is ideal for operations of all sizes and scales.

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Cleated Conveyor

Stock Code: 20847
  • Width: 0.6

Bucket Elevators

Stock Code: 07613
  • Length: 1.8
  • Width: 0.5
  • Construction: Mild Steel


Stock Code: 20882
  • Length: 3.00