About Us

Company Overview

F.A Maker is one of the largest secondhand process equipment dealers in the southern hemisphere with a reputation for quality service and machines. Extensive workshop facilities and a diverse range of skills means that F.A. Maker are one of Australia's most versatile and experienced process/plant equipment companies. We deal in all types of used machinery in the manufacturing, recycling, food, pharmaceutical, mining and process industries.


The History of F.A. Maker Pty Ltd

1928 - F.A.Maker Pty.Ltd. is an energetic and fast growing organisation which had its origin in 1928 with the partnership of Mr. F.A. Maker and Mr. F.L.Betts in the engineering fields of agriculture and general machinery. This partnership was incorporated into a company on the 15 th January 1929 and continued to operate in South Melbourne for the next 57 years.

With the passing of Mr. F.A.Maker in 1930 the shareholding of the company was transferred to the family of Mr. F.L.Betts who took over the control and administration of the company's business, the company progressed and increased its capacity in the manufacture, repair and sales of machinery to the mining, quarrying, saw milling and agricultural industries.

With the advent of the war in 1939 the company increased and made available its facilities to include the manufacture and supply of suitable machinery for various government department to assist in the war effort.

With the cessation of hostilities in 1945 the company resumed its normal operations with renewed vigour and progressed forward.



1950 - With the partial retirement of Mr. F.L.Betts in the 1950's the managerial and administrative duties were taken over by Mr. J.F.Betts who instituted progressive changes which enhanced its image and further advancement was made in the range of goods and services being offered which stimulated a steady growth.



1975 -  In 1975 Mr. Jim Betts expressed a desire to hand over the management and control of the company to his two sons Mr. Leigh Betts and Mr. Greg Betts but still to remain as part of the company's activities, this proved to be another successful transition of the control of the company's policies and the further increases in sales led to a decision that the engineering operations be confined to the repair and preparation of the machinery for sale, this enhanced the quality of the goods being made for the company's clients.



1985 - When the South Melbourne property was acquired by the State Government for its own use, it became necessary to seek other premises and it was decided to acquire the larger premises on the present site of the head office in Laverton North; the transfer was completed in March 1985.
Due to the larger premises it became possible to increase the size and scope of machinery and plant which could be handled and enlarge the range of industries to service, a decision was made to foster an export trade for the machinery to a number of countries as well as to also import machinery which was not currently available in Australia. 
Space again became a problem and several nearby properties were acquired and the company now has available an area of approximately ten acres easily accessible and in close proximity to the Westgate Bridge, Western Ring Road and Pacific Hwy. The present site has made possible a further enhancement of sales and service potential to many new industries that previously were not within the company's scope.



2003 - The Fourth Generation of the family Mr. Mitchell Betts and Mr. Bo Betts joined F.A.Maker after attending university courses and external work experience both locally and overseas. They have helped establish the increased importation of new machinery that F.A.Maker now offers as well as providing increased purchasing and sales skills within the company.



2009 – Dougall Betts (Leighs fourth son) joined the company. Dougall is a fully qualified electrician with many years of industrial experience. With the addition of Dougall to the team it has enabled F.A.Maker to become electrical contractors which in-turn allows us to perform electrical installations and disconnections of machinery. Dougall has further developed his knowledge in the Food and Dairy industry and has become a key source of knowledge in these areas.



2010 – We began rebuilding and servicing Centrifuges for the food and Chemical industry. Today, we are Australia's leading independent centrifuge service provider specializing in the remanufacturing of Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak and Westfalia centrifuge equipment.



2014 – Happy 85th Birthday, this year F.A.Maker Pty Ltd turns 85. We have been trading for 85 years and are in our fourth generation as a family business. Today we are still operating in the used process machinery area with a focus on food and dairy equipment. We still deal in all industry types and are constantly trying to help our customers source the right equipment at the right price.


2017 - It is with sadness that Jim Betts passed away early in the year, he was a founding pioneer at F.A.Maker and really set the standard for how business should be done, with honesty and integrity. RIP Jim Betts.

Angus Betts (Gregs Son) joined the business in 2017, he comes from a mechanical background and was trained at QANTAS Airways as a mechanical engineer, also specialising in Avionics and electronics. He is a welcome addition into the workshop facilty to ensure we continue to deliver quality second hand machinery.

We are still heavily involved in the buying and selling of Industrial Process Equipment and continue to supply equipment all over the world.


The future is one of the things F.A.Maker place a great emphasis on. We want to be there providing our customers with better, more efficient and comprehensive service than ever before whilst also helping them grow their business