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Milk Powder Manufacturing, Packaging and Storage Plant

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Product overview

The manufacturing plant is located in Scoresby, Melbourne and was built in 2020.

Most items are 3 to 4 years old

The main items of the plant include:

  • 12 x S/Steel Conical base 15,000L dry storage silos.
  • Steam heated, twin drum, product drying facility. Double Drum Dryer.
  • 2 x S/Steel Product milling machines.
  • S/Steel Double shaft paddle blending station.
  • 2 x Can/Bottle powder filling stations.
  • 2 x BOZN Can/Bottle de-palletisers.
  • 2 x BOZN Rotary can/bottle cleaning/sterilising machines.
  • 5 x BOZN Twin head vacuum can seaming stations.
  • 2022 ZX-1704 Plastic container lid applicating machine.
  • S/S CIP Line cleaning system.
  • 2 x External can cleaning lines.
  • Twin station cap applicating machine.
  • 2 Head, can pick and place packing machine.
  • Assorted S/S mixing tanks