Ribbon Blender

300L SS
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Ribbon Blender

Product overview

NEW - 300L Stainless steel blender with with double helix ribbon for more efficient mixing.

Blender is suitable for mixing dry powders, coffee beans or similar products. 

It has a 4.5 inch center bottom discharge and a loading hopper on top.

There is a 4kw drive running into a 5inch gearbox to provide the torque.


Internal Bowl Dims: 1210mm Long x 530mm wide x 640mm deep

Overall Dims: 2700mm long x 620mm wide x 1050mm high


All contact parts are stainless steel, it also has two hinged access lids on the top and one central grated mesh for loading.


Lead time 10-12 weeks.

(Photos are of the 500L unit)