Product overview

Complete 30HL Brewery and Bottling Line for Sale.

The complete brewhouse is based in Melbourne and was custom-built in 2015, it consists of 14 fermentation tanks (10×6,000 litres and 4×3,000 litres), a 3,000 litre Newlands brewhouse and a fast speed bottling line. The brewery is equipped to produce beer, mead, cider and seltzer.


The main items of the brewery include:

  • De-palletiser able to load 24,000 bottles per hour
  • Filler which can fill up to 10,000 bottles an hour (330ml)
  • Labeller (24,000 bottles per hour)
  • 6 pack machine (24,000 bottles per hour)
  • Carton packer (24,000 bottles per hour)
  • Cold Room
  • 30hL brewhouse, Fermenters and ancillary equipment
  • KEG Filling Station
  • CIP System
  • Automated control system
  • Workshop tools and auxillary equipment

The site (1800m2) in which the Brewery is currently installed (Factory and office space) is available to rent on an ongoing basis.

Automation Engineer is also available to continure working at the Brewery if required.

Inspection recomended.