Steinecker Brew House

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Brewery Equipment

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Steinecker BREW HOUSE

Built 2014, 500hl, with energy recovery system

2hr 45m brew cycle ( 10 Brews per day )

Mill Room, comprising;

  •        2014 Kunzel Malt Mill, 18.5Kw & 11Kw, Type: 6 Roller Mill E, With Siemens Siamatic HMIPLC, Size: 25/150, order: 1153215/33549, S/N: 34076 (GH1)
  •        2014 Kunzel Flat Screen, Size: 1102, order: 1153215/33549, S/N: 34025
  •        Grist Bin, bolted construction
  •        Mash Tun, Enzyme Dosing System, with stainless steel 200L tank, micronotion system
  •        Kunzel FG Casing Filter, Size: 15-1-2, S/N: 75678
  •        Plus various screw conveyors & elevators

Brewhouse, comprising;

  •        Steinecker Mash Tun, stainless steel, associated valves, actuators, process valves with control heads & pipework
  •        Mash Pump, KSB, CIP return pump
  •        2014 Lorenz Kondensat Tank, 1500L, with 2018 Flowserve motorised pump
  •        2014 Pandorf Receiving Vessel with pneumatic conveyor, type: 150-5-XBL, serial: BA28009, max capacity: 170Kg/min
  •        Lauter Tun, Krones, Model: Pegasus, stainless steel, motorised geared drive agitator, electric control box, density motor, associated pumps, process valves, control heads
  •        Whirlpool Tank, stainless steel, on steel stand with associated valves, control leads
  •        Krones Trub Tank, Serial No: 276662, capacity: 4570L, with process valves & control heads
  •        2 x KSB VCR80-160 Motorised Pumps, with process valves and control heads
  •        Wort Kettle, stainless steel, jacketed, vapour condenser, KSB Siemens motorised pumps, process valves, control heads, density meter, valves, actuator & associated pipework
  •        2014 IGEFA Weinbrenner Heat Exchanger (energy recovery system), S/N: 50157
  •        GEA Type NT50XCD5A-150 Heat Exchanger, S/N: 112/14132
  •        2014 Krones Weak Wort Tank, stainless steel, jacketed, 13800L capacity, S/N: 276645, 2 x KSB Pumps
  •        2014 Krones Wort/Hops Tank, S/N: 276676, stainless steel, 231L capacity, with process valves & control heads
  •        Schenk Process Finings Hopper, with agitator, auger, load cell, APV motorised pump
  •        Additive Tank Assembly comprising; stainless steel phosphoric acid tank, caustic soda 2 tank, caustic soda 1 tank, rec water tank, with associated process valves, control heads & pipework
  •        Hop Dissolving Vessel, stainless steel, with agitator, feed hopper, vacuum pump & motorised pump, weigh scale
  •        2014 APV Heat Exchanger (wort cooling), APV, Type: Q 055, S/N: 521002, stainless steel, titanium plates (installed <1yr), with associated valves, positioners, control heads, pumps & pipework

Yeast Room, comprising;

  •        4 x Yeast storage tanks, 45hl, (VST01, 2, 3, 4), each with Verdeflex IVF:50 peristatic pump, (VST01, 2, 3, 4)
  •        2 x Yeast storage tanks, 100hl, each with peristatic pump (VST05,6)
  •        Yeast pitching/buffer tank, 45hl, conical base with SPX I43810 peristatic pump
  •        APV N35 heat exchanger

Hop Storage Room, comprising;

  •        5 x Hop dosing silos, each with pump (HP01,2,3,4,5)

Outside Tank Farm (Brewhouse Supply), comprising;

  •        Furphy Engineering Energy Recovery Tank (hot) (BH1EST01)
  •        2009 Krones wort tank, insulated, 80kl, serial: 274003 (BH1HV01)
  •        2014 GEA Worth Recovery Heat exchanger, model: NT100 MBA-150, serial: 121/12385
  •        Furphy Engineering cold water tank (BH11W01)
  •        2017 A&G Engineering hot water tank, 157kl, shipping weight 5500kg
  •        Furphy Engineering cold brewwater tank (BHICW01)

Ex Brewery in Adelaide, being sold as one lot, ex works Adelaide. We can assist with removal and transportation. Currently in opperation and can be shown running.