Amkco Screen

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Vibrating Screens and Sifters

Product overview

48 Inch Amkco Single deck vibrating separator.

12,000 -18,000 Lt per hour.

Full stainless steel 304 construction on all wetted parts with a glass bead finish.

Currently setup as a whey separator, complete with infeed antifoaming device, Built in CIP, self cleaning kit assembly, and stainless steel dust cover.

The flow of the ''whey'' runs into the separator thru an inlet with a velocity reducer mounted in the middle of the separator.

The velocity rducer slows the flow of the whey down and the special antifoaming bag stops the whey from foaming as it hits the screen.

The whey liquid goes through the screen and the cheese fines are directed out the first outlet.

Ideal for use in a dairy application or a similar food environment.

Currently setup with a 325 MG 43 micron opening stainless steel bonded screen. Comes complete with a spare screen.

Used to screen liquid or powders, this is the ultimate in sanitary designed screener technology.

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