4500kg per hr Mozzarella plant

Alfa Laval/Johnson
Stock Code
Food Equipment

Product overview

The plant consists of 

- 4 x 16,000lt Damrow Vats plus an elevated walkway between the vats. 

- 1 x 6mt Alfa Laval Mellowing belt and 2 x take off screw conveyors.
- 1 x 7mt Alfa Laval Salting belt with take-off screw conveyors

- 1 x Johnson Cooker Stretcher built in 2010.

- 1 x Dima continuous 5 kg moulder machine and a self-cleaning mould washer.

- 2 x Dima moulding 500gr and 250gr machines 

- 1 x Alfa Laval 40mt brine tank. 

Brief description:

The curd/Whey is pumped from the Damrow Vats to the mellowing belt which is an Alfa Laval which does some cutting of the curd and drains off the whey. At the end of mellowing belt, a screw conveyor takes the product to a salting belt. From the salting belt a screw conveyor feeds the curd to a Johnson cooker stretcher which is 2010. There are three packing machines, a continuous 5 kg block system, which forms the blocks and cools and then extrudes the block into the brine bath, the moulds are washed and returned to the filling head. In addition to this there are two Dima machines one which does a smaller log (two Sizes) the other produces balls, (there are three different size moulds). All the product goes into a brine bath. 

Included with this is a brine treatment system which treats the brine coming from the bath to remove larger particles, and then a UF plant to clean the brine, so this can be reused. 

Plant was making 4,500kg per hour of mozzarella.