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Brewery Utilities plant
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Refrigeration Equipment

Product overview

Steam Plant, comprising;

  •        Easteel Energy Systems WT11250 Boiler (Boiler 1), 11250kW, 17000Kg/hr, operating pressure 1500kPa, natural gas fired, 2 x Grundfos CRNE32-10 pumps, 2 x Damfos VLT VSD’s, Weishaupt WKG80/3-A burner, burner fan, electrical control cabinet, steam header, S/N: 656 (ER19)
  •        Easteel Energy Systems WT11250 Boiler (Boiler 2), 11250kW, 17000Kg/hr, operating pressure 1500kPa, natural gas fired, 2 x Grundfos CRNE32-10 pumps, 2 x Demfos VET VSD’s, Weishaupt WKG80/3-A burner, burner fan, electrical control cabinet, steam header, S/N: 658 (ER20)
  •        2014 Vector Lifting MSP Radial Crane Hoist (ER23), capacity: 500/100Kg, pendant controller, S/N: 7142 (ER23)
  •        Motor control centre

Refrigeration System, installed 2015, comprising;

  •        4 x 2013 Mycom Ammonia Compressors, model: 200VLD-H, max volume 1850m3/hr, each with Allen Bradley Panelview 600 Plus PLC, Danfoss HVAC VLT drive
  1.      S/N: 20150291, 28,519hr @ 27/05/21
  2.      S/N: 20150280, 33,547hr @ 27/05/21
  3.       S/N: 20150290, 22,521hr @ 27/05/21
  4.      S/N: 20150281, 15,167hr @ 27/05/21
  •        Brine Chiller Plate Heat Exchanger, 2600kW (HE02)
  •        APV Water Chiller Plate Heat Exchanger, model: LB9-MGS16/1, design pressure 1600kpa, max. operating temp 50°C, S/N: 99037 (HE01)
  •        2014 Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger, type: PSHE3HH-166/3/1, S/N: 36691 (HE-03)
  •        2 x Gordon Centrifugal Ethanol Pumps, 55kW, model: EAD200/32 (ST02/PU02, PU01)
  •        4 x Thompson Centrifugal Ethanol Pumps, 45kW (ST01/PU04, PU03, PU02, PU01)
  •        Gordon Brothers Industries Ammonia Receiver Tank, capacity 6165L, tested 10/2009, S/N: G2167
  •        2 x Ethanol Storage Tanks (ST01, ST02)
  •        Grundfos CR32-12 Pump, 22Kw (in crate)
  •        With associated MCCs, PLCs, VSDs and ammonia detection system

Haffmans CO2 Recovery Plant, comprising;

  •        2008 Neuman & Esser 2TEV1-370/180 CO2 Compressor, capacity 1050Nm3/hr, stroke 100mm, 87kW, AEG 3 Phase 100Kw motor, skid mounted, S/N: 505384 (ER6)
  •        CO2 Drier Skid with 2 x Haffmans BV Drier Vessels, Type: 0508x2200, S/N: 5668/09-1, 5668/09-2 (ER7)
  •        CO2 Cool Compressor Skid with Bitzer compressor and associated pressure vessels (ER8)
  •        Norit Haffmans CO2 Balloon
  •        2 x CO2 Storage Tanks 
  •        Norit Haffmans Electrical Enclosure, 5 Door (ER9)
  •        2009 Kuijpers 5060 CIP Gas Washer, S/N: 08 7307-05
  •        4 x Water Pump Station, pump model: 417, Nalco controller
  •        Nalco Bunded Plastic Tank Farm, 6 x 300L tanks, with 3 x Grundfos dosage pumps
  •        Twin Fan Condenser, stainless steel


Standby Genset;

  •        2017 Caterpillar DE200CAN Enclosed Diesel Genset, 200kVA standby rated, Cat C7.1 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine, level 2 acoustic & weatherproof enclosure with lockable doors and single point lift, output 415V, 50Hz,  EMCP 4.1 control panel, 12V starting system, bunded base fuel tank, output circuit breaker - 4 pole, fuel level gauge, low coolant level protection switch, engine jacket water heater 240VAC,  anti-condensation heater, 5A static battery charger 240VAC, lockable battery isolation switch, showing 16 hours at last service (06/2020), S/N: KRG04619 


  •        Abbott & Ashby 200mm Bench Grinder, ATBG600/8m
  •        Hercus No.4A Pedestal Drill, 3 Phase, 73-1065rpm
  •        Pacific FTV-2S Universal Milling Machine, 3 Phase, variable speed, powerfeed table, slotted engineers vice
  •        Pedestal Grinder/Linisher, 240 Volt
  •        Turbo Wash Parts Cleaner, 240 Volt
  •        Colchester Master 2500 Lathe, 3 jaw chuck, tool post, taulstock, distance between centres 635-1000mm, swing over bed 3300mm, spindle speed 40-2500rpm
  •        BOC Smootharc TIG185 welder, with trolley
  •        Servex HP30 shop press

All equipment is still installed in a Brewery in Adelaide, SA. Appointments available upon request, equipment still in operation and can be seen running.