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Brewery Equipment

Product overview

5000Lt brewhouse.


1 x Wolf engineering Grain Mill

  • Aprox. 1000kg/hr
1 x Grainline screw feed auger to feed mill
  • Aprox. 1200kg/hr
1 x 5000lt mash/lauter tun
  • 4 underlet points
  • Re-circulaion arm
  • Grist Hydrator with slide gate
  • Liquor blending station
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Magnetic flow meter
  • Mash rakes capable of forward and reverse cycles for mashing in and grain out
  • Grain out rake
1 x 6000lt DME hot liquid tank (new in 2017)
  • Recirculation arm
1 x 3000lt Kettle/whirlpool
  • Tangential whirlpool arm
1 x 5000lt cold liquor tank
1 x Fluid Dynamics Heat Exchanger
  • Single stage pass
  • 2500 L/hr
  • Oxygenation stone
  • Yeast pitch point
Approx 5 centrifugal pumps with connecting pipework and valves.

The brew house is being offered as a turn key soloution, main electrical control system, VSD, all steam pipework from the boiler and connecting copper and stainless steel pipe work.

The brewhouse is currently producing 2500L of wort per brew cycle and can be seen in operation in Melbourne. Brewing cycle takes approximately 6 hours from mash in. Step mashing is possible but not employed currently.