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Chocolate Depositor

EP2 C frame Midi
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Product overview

Aasted EP2 Midi Depositor 

Make: Aasted

Model: EP2-0-Midi


With its C-frame, the depositor is easy to move around for cleaning or placing it in another position on the line. The oscillating hopper movement makes the EP2-O particularly well-suited to deposit bars in either solid or one-shot.A wide variety of piston diameters can be supplied for production of the smallest pralines up to tablets with big inclusions.The hopper can be divided into multiple compartments for multi-color or one-shot depositing.Lifting table can be incorporated in the depositor, if needed


 The C type EP 2 depositor is a flexible machine that can be easily changed over from line to line as it sits over the production line and can be easily moved and repositioned. Working widths range from 350 to 600mm.

EP2 Midi Capacity is 2100 Kg/hr

Length : 1405 mm

Width 900mm

Height 1650mm

Power  7 kw

Machine comes complete with original drawings and manuals, as well as multiple change over parts.

Excellent condition.