Complete Infant Formula/Milk powder Canning line with Dry Blending

GEA Colby RIF Canning plant
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Canning Machinery

Product overview

This is a complete Infant formula can filling plant, currently set up to do 99mm/400gr, 127mm/900gr and 154mm/1.25kg cans of infant formula. 

The line was built by GEA Colby in 2001 and has had very limited use over the past years. The line can process up to 100 cans per minute at 900 grams due to having Two (2) Colby RIF fillers back to back and Four (4) Can clinchers and Closers and a four (4) Chamber Vacuum nitrogen gassing system. This allows the plant to either run the same size cans through it utilising both fillers which gives high output speeds, or you can set one Filler up in one size and the other filler with another size. This would allow you to have next to no change over downtime when filling different can sizes.

Filling Technique - Auger/Vacuum and auger

Diameter of Can - 99m-198mm

Nominal throughput - Up to 100 cans per minute

Construction - Sanitary 3 A contact parts

Changeover - Tool free

PLC - Allen Bradley


The plant consist of

  • 1 x Big bag tipping station with Demag hoist and Big bag frame fitted with vibrating screens.

4 x 25kg bag tipping stations with vibrating screens and dosing augers on load cells and a Gardner continuous mixer.

1 x Dry Blending room - 1 x Nucon Rotary sifter, 3 x Colby vacuum receiving hoppers with pneumatic valves and a rotary valve, 1 x 1500 Forberg twin shaft paddle blender, 1 x receiving hopper on wheels

1 x Colby Vacuum receding hopper.

1 x Scan Vibro sieves 

1 x Rotary valves 

1 x rare earth magnets

1 x 35 mt magnetic Colby conveyor for in-feed of empty cans

1 x 25 mt magnetic Colby conveyor for in-feed of can ends.

1 x Empty magnetic can cleaner (hepa air blown into can and UV light)

1 x Vision system for inspecting scoops

1 x Colby vibrating bowl Scoop inserter with cleated conveyor 

1 x Colby In-feed conveyors with covers over top

2 x Colby GEA RIF Fillers, with change parts and upgrade PLC.

4 x Angelus 59P can clincher and closers (with change parts for 401, 502, 603 cans)

1 x Various converyos with covers with bends and straight sections

1 x 4 chamber Colby vacuum Master with ungraded AB PLC controls

1 x Colby Gas mixer

1 x SafeLine X ray machine

1 x Can Cleaner and turning cans upside down.

1 x DEL Can Capper with Cap Elevator

Associated conveyors with the line

Speeds per minute and can sizes are 401 60cpm per Colby RIF Filler so 60 cpm or 120cpm, 502 52cpm or 104cpm and  603 47 cpm or 94cpm.

Manuals, drawings and layouts are available upon request.

Other Dry Blending lines and Bagging lines available, along with a lot of gerneal equipment like, vac cleaners, tables, lab equipment and so on.

How does it Work?

Empty containers are taken off a De Palletising machine and pushed into single file along a Infeed conveyor. From there the cans are sterilized and a scoop is dropped into the can. A Vision camera system checks that the scoops are in the can before proceeding to the Colby RIF fillers. After passing through the RIF fillers the cans are checked for the correct weight and moved down to the Angelus Can Clinchers. After being clinched the cans are sent through a Colby four (4) chamber Vacuum master which removes the Oxygen from the cans. The cans are then sent through another Angelus Can Closer where they are seamed shut and move down the line for X-raying and can cleaning before a plastic cap is put on them and they are packed into cases and then palletised.