Krauss-Maffei Peeler Centrifuge

HZ 1000 PH
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Peeler Centrifuge

Product overview

Krauss-Maffei horizontal peeler centrifuges are batch-operated filtration centrifuges known for their reliable performance at high capacities.

They are used in many processes, primarily in the bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, and food industries.

Process advantages

Increased filtration capacity

Creating a vacuum beneath the filter cloth increases the filtration pressure and boosts the filtration rate.

Superior product purity

The filtration rate can be adjusted to prolong the contact time between wash liquid and solids to produce a purer cake.

Regeneration of the residual heel is achieved by means of backwashing through the filter medium.

As a result of backwashing and throttling of the filtration rate, the siphon feature enables feeding into a liquid pool to achieve uniform distribution of solids without vibration, even with fast-filtering products.


  • Krauss-Maffei peeler centrifuges can be adapted easily to changing process requirements. Different control recipes can be used to select the optimum operating speed and cycle sequence to yield the highest product quality at peak capacity.

  • Lower residual cake moisture due to high centrifugal forces adapted to your product

  • Excellent washing results due to even distribution of wash liquid, achieved with a horizontal basket configuration and feed via distributor or spray bars



Bulk chemicals, petrochemical intermediates, fertilizers, chlorides, sulfates, calcium compounds, sodium compounds, fine chemicals, aluminum fluoride, amino acids, bleaching agents, surfactants, herbicides, pesticides, catalysts, dyestuffs, plastics/related products, ABS, resins, melamine, PE, PP, antioxidant agents pharmaceuticals/related products, APIs, vitamins, salicylic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid, calcium citrate, antibiotics


Native and modified starches, artificial sweeteners, vanillin, caffeine.

YOM 1998.

Processing parameters 

Average particle size 2 - 500 μm
Feed solids concentration > 3 % by wt.
Solids throughput up to 15 t/h
Basket diameter 250 – 2,000 mm
Basket volume 2.5 – 1,900.0 l