Complete High Speed Soap Bar line

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Binacchi , ACMA , MAZZONI
Plant Lines

Product overview

Complete soap bar line, capacity 1.6 ton per hr or 460 Bars / min.

Videos available.

This  line consists of the following:

Mixing‐ 2001 Silo, with weigh cells Conveyor, Elevator,
Marchant 3000 litre 2 blade batch Mixer

Binacchi SRB‐300 Refiner 1995 
Marchant TSM‐18 Mill 1995

SS conveyor, hopper ,return conveyor

Binacch DVPB‐350 Plodder 1995

Binacchi ACM/P Cutter 1995 conveyor
Binacchi USN 500/2 Stamper 2001

ACMA SH‐700 Cartoner 2001 GD ACMA 770 Cartoner (upgraded)

Mettler Toledo metal check & kicker Flat belt conveyor to
3 ‐ BFB 3 pack wrappers,
Roller conveyor, hand case filling, check weigher,

Siat SM11‐5 Case sealer, Roller conveyor, vacuum lifter


3 other soap lines available @ 200 bars/min, see other listing.