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Chocolate Machinery

Product overview

Excellent condtion FIMA SM-P&P multistyle wrapping machine, unit has only run for 9 months in production last used to wrap  asymmetrical heart shape chocolate moulds at 350ppm.

Moulds size are 37mm L x 28mm W in heart shape.

YOM: 2005

Power: 400V 50HZ 7.5KW



Multistyle wrapping machine for chocolate asymmetrical praline in all most common wrapping styles. The modular allows the basic machine to be completed with the wrapping units suitable for the desired wrapping style, up to 4 different basic wrapping styles can be wrapped on the same machine.The machine may be equipped with a Pick and Place system to feed automatically the products



Key Features

- MULTI STYLE concept thanks to the patented MODULAR concept
- Suitable for all kind of processed pralines ENROBED, MOULDED, EXTRUDED, DEPOSITED, etc.
- Style and/or format CHANGE OVER less than 45 minutes
- HMI by color graphic Touch Screen 
- Possible upgrade with extra wrapping style modules at customer site

- 2-axis pick and place robot equipped with suction cup

- Pocketed feeding belt

- Servo driven feeding belt for product synchronization 
- Servo-driven Paper feeding 
- System for different cutting length between outer and inner wrapping material controlled by servo motor
- No Product – No Paper system
- Pneumatic reel holder devices 
- On board electrical cabinet
- Gently and positively handling of product and wrapping material
- Product is always under operator control during both the feeding and the wrapping sequence 
- Good accessibility, easy cleaning, maintenance and size change-over operations

- Automatic splicer for outer or/and inner wrapping material
- Spliced product ejection unit 
- Product extracted on belt properly oriented
- Cooling predisposition for feeding belts
- Date coder integration
- Labeling on product top or/and bottom
- Hot glue dispenser 
- Heat sealing device
- Cold seal for double twist “protected twist solution”
- Rolling unit for small balls and eggs