NEW STS Centrifuge

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Product overview

F.A. Maker now sells NEW STS centrifuges for the wine and beer industries, a wide range of different size machines are available.

3 phase separators for multipurpose applications will be available upon request.

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New STS 200  clarifier, in hygienic design, complete with:

  • Highspeed ejection system, with infinitely adjustable bowl ejection volume
  • Short spindle and cushioned drive assembly
  • Low shear feed system
  • Liquid hermetic sealing , for low oxygen pick-up
  • Motor starter cabinet, controlled via VSD to limit peak current usage to ~150 Amps
  • (versus 280 Amps for our competitors star-delta design)
  • Resistance braking control over VSD – to give comparable braking time as star-delta design
  • This is a key safety device if you use a VSD due to the inertia & momentum involved with large bowl centrifuges.
  • Control panel with Allen Bradley PLC & Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 colour screen
  • Hydrocyclone
  • Turbidity Control of bowl ejections, for optimal soy sauce yield
  • Valve block for product / Water / CIP change-over
  • Enclosed solids pump in wide-throat design
  • Level control of solids pump.
  • Tools and maintenance manuals

Flow rates

White wine ex 1st Ferment 25-40m3/hr

Red Wine ex 1st Ferment 17-25m3/hr

Green beer clarification 45-60m3/hr

Hot wort Separation 30-40m3/hr

Lees / Tank bottom 3-5m3/hr