Bosch high Speed Infant Formula/Milk Powder Bagging line with dry blending

SVE 3600-LR
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Form, Fill and Seal

Product overview

This Milk Powder/Infant formula bagging line was built in 2006 and was last packing 300gr, 600gr and 900gr bags of Milk Powder/Infant Formula. The plant receives its powder from an unloaded station and is vacuum conveyed up to Two (2) GEA receiving hoppers and separators. The product is then dropped through two Rotary Valves and into (2) Scan Vibro vibrating screens, then through a Rare earth magnet and into the Two (2) Bosch dosing augers. The product is then gas flushed, Oxygen removed and then delivered into the Bosch Auger filler Hopper where further gas purging occurs and finally into a bag. There are Two (2) Bosch Check weigher's and  Two (2) Safeline X ray's machine and a FibreKing Case packer that forms part of the line.


1 x Big bag tipping station with Demag hoist and Big bag frame fitted with vibrating screens.
4 x 25kg bag tipping stations two with kasson vibrating screens and 4 dosing augers on load cells and a Gardner continuous mixer.
1 x Dry Blending room - 3 x Colby vacuum receiving hoppers with pneumatic valves and a rotary valve,
1 x 1500 Forberg twin shaft paddle blender, 1 x receiving hopper on wheels.
2 x Colby Vacuum receiving hoppers
2 x Scan Vibro sieves
2 x Rotary valves 
2 x rare earth magnets
2 x horizontal screw augers
2 x Bosch auger fillers with Gassing.
2 x Bosch SVE baggers with change parts. They were doing 300gr, 600gr and 900gr bags, but you could do bigger, but you would need large forming tubes for the Bosch Bagger.
2 x Bosch Check weighers
2 x Safeline Xrays
Associated conveyors and cartoner machine.
Speeds per minute and size of bags are 60 bpm 52 bpm-48 bpm for the 300gr, 600gr and 900gr and volume per 8hr shift was 8 ton per Bosch line. 

There are Two (2) lines available, each line with its own hoppers, vibrating screens, dosing augers, RV and Magnets and SVE bagging machines.

Structural steel and platforms available, manuals and drawings also available with spares and change parts.

The plant was last fillling Infant fromula into bags.


  • Continuous motion leads to high productivity
  • Bag widths up to 380 mm
  • Corrosion-proof execution meets high requirements on cleaning
  • Maintenance-free servo-technology ensures reliable production
  • Syntegon controls enable precise machine movements for smooth production and good bag quality
  • Intuitive HMI allows easy operation and short training time
  • Open frame for easy access and maintenance
  • Compact machine design for good ergonomics, product-conserving filling and optimal use of floor space

      15 – 120 bags/minute - bag size and volume dependant.


Width 60 – 360  
Width 60 – 380 for PE  
Length 60 – 700