Potato Chip Processing Line

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Cookers and Blanchers
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Product overview

Complete potato chip processing line. This line was designed to wash, pulp and create potato chips before baking them and packaging them into bags. Approx output of 400-500 kg /hr

It consists of the following:

1 Bin tipper
2 Tripax Hopper  elevator
3 Tripax Brush washer
3a Tripax Sorting table
4 Elevating Auger
5 Tripax Blancher
6 Tripax Cooling belt
7 Dispensor mincer
8 Walter and depositor head
9 Walter Baking Oven JUPITER 129 XP with 129 baking plates for Wafers
10 Crisping Oven
11 Tripax Sorting Hopper
12 Flavouring Drum
13 Chip elevator 
14 TNA 514A Multi Head Scale
15 TNA Robagger 3 - Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Packaging Machine
16 Yamato Check weigher
17 Carton Taper
18 Carton Labeller
19 Simons Steam Boiler - ECS30, 300kw, Nat Gas.

All components came out of a working plant and are located in our yard.