Sormac Carrot topper

Sormac WOA-3
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Product overview

Carrot Topper.

The 3 lane automatic carrot topper WOA-3 consists of an infeed hopper with singulation system, a special conveyor, aligning belts and a knife platform. The conveyor is made of aluminum trays, which are mounted on heavy duty drive belts on both sides of the machine. Mounted above the hopper is a unique driven leveling unit to ensure a single depth of carrots are delivered onto the stepped singulation elevator.

The singulation system positions the carrots in the trays. These trays then pass over the aligning belts, which are mounted on the underside of the machine. The aligning belts transport the carrots firstly to the left and then to the right, where they are topped or tailed depending on orientation. 

Capacity 1000-5000kgs hr

  • topped and tailed waste only
  • completely automatic
  • long shelf life of the knives
  • hygienic design (easy to clean and disinfect)
  • simple operation
  • extremely durable, hard-wearing and reliable
  • ease of access for maintenance