Beer Filtration plant

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Beer filtration plant,


  •        2014 GEA Profi 300 centrifuge filtration system, capacity 300hl/hour, serial: 1733-808 powered by ABB 75KW electric motor

Buffer Tanks;

  •        3 x Gross buffer tanks, 4000L, insulated with Sicon Sigrist process photometer, pumps, all on skid base

Continuous Stabilisation System;

  •        2014 Handtmann CSS Continuous Stabilisation System, with 4 x Handtmann CSS150 stabilisers, serial: P02882-02, pressure 6 bar, Temp 100C, volume 233L, all on skid base with CIP set including shell and tube heat exchanger

Carbonator Blending & Cooling System;

  •        Carbonator blending & cooling system inc. 2014 SPX heat exchanger, type Q.055, serial: 521203, nominal capacity 557.7kw, heat transfer surface 148.6m2

Membrane Filter System;

  •        Pall Profi Membrane filter system, comprising of 3 x filter banks, each 150hl/hr, high gravity, 0.34 micron, each on skid base

CIP Plant;

  •        2014 Gross Cold water tank, 4300L, serial: 9474 (TK03)
  •        2014 Gross Warm water tank, 4300L, serial: 9475
  •        2014 Gross membrane cleaner tank, 2700L, serial: 9476
  •        2014 Weinbrenner shell and tube heat exchanger, model 203-140-140, serial: 50228 (CP19) 
  •        RO Water Break Tank (CT04)

2014 Alfa Laval Glycol Chiller;

  •        Type M10-Base (CH11)

Additive Dosing System;

  •        Pre & post, with 6 dosing stations each, with tank, pump and cloud dosing tank (AD12)

Ex Brewery in Adelaide, being sold as one lot, ex works Adelaide. We can assist with removal and transportation. Currently in opperation and can be shown running